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Hargreave Hale AIM VCT 2

Hargreave Hale AIM VCT 2

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Hargreave Hale has been managing unit trusts that invest in UK Small and Micro Cap companies since 1998 and VCTs since 2004.  It has a long established reputation that stems from its management of the Marlborough Special Situations Fund and the Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth Fund, and more recently the VCTs.

The VCT is co-managed by Giles Hargreave and Oliver Bedford, with support from the wider fund management team of George Finlay, Guy Feld, Richard Hallett, Siddarth Chand Lall, David Walton, Jean Roche and Will Searle.


The investment strategy of the VCT is to:

  • Construct a diversified portfolio of equity investments in small UK based qualifying companies, primarily being companies which are traded on AIM

  • Make targeted non-qualifying equity investments on an opportunistic basis to boost the fund's performance

  • To maintain the VCT's exposure to small companies through an initial investment of new capital into the Marlborough Special Situations Fund, pending investment into qualifying companies

  • Invest in a range of other non-qualifying investments such as gilts, other fixed interest securities and bank deposits

  • Remain flexible in its approach, adapting the fund's position to reflect market conditions; and

  • Seek to maximise tax free dividend distributions to Shareholders


The Hargreave Hale AIM VCT 2 launched in December 2006 raised an initial subscription of £4.6 million from 278 investors.


The return of capital is not guaranteed, it is possible for you to get back less than your original investment. 


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Important Note: This website reflects Hargreave Hale's understanding of the tax benefits of VCTs and does not in any way constitute investment or tax advice. The value of reliefs depends on individual circumstances and we recommend you take financial or other professional advice before making any investment in a VCT.